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Flexible packaging process has undergone major shifts in the last few years. And the evolving technology has helped flexible packaging take major strides in these shifts.

These major shifts can be attributed to such factors like:

  • Shifts in end user/consumer lifestyle

  • Manufacturing and technological  revolutions

  • Investment in the flexible packaging industry

  • Brand equity

With consumers focusing mainly on sustainability and convenience, the flexible packaging industry embraced this change that’s being made by companies to switch from making packaging products that are rigid to flexible ones.

The pouch is sealed on all 3 sides while featuring an opening which can be at the top or bottom depending on one’s requirements. Products can be filled by machine or hand through the opening.

Furthermore, at Sante one can get the pouch having a press to close zippers and hang holes. The resealable zippers ensure freshness of the product. 3 side seal pouch can come with a front or two sides clear, making it easy to see the in-filled product.