Gusset Bag
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Gusset bag has three options: 1、Side gusset(normally two sides), we call it side gusset bag, normally use for coffee or tea packaging, can be standing on the table when laid the bag filled with products inside; 2、Bottom gusset(only one bottom), bottom gusset bag we call it to stand up pouch widely use for most industries, can be directly stand up even no products in it; 3、And the last one is both side(two sides) along with bottom gusset(one side) pouch option, we call it quad seal bag or block bottom pouch, box pouch or flat bottom pouch, normally use for premium products and it cost higher and complicated than above two bags.

  • Coffee, tea, healthy, daily use, both food, pet-food, and non-food packaging
  • Start from 10000 pcs can be added with zipper, valve, tin-tie, laser scoring.
  • Matte and Glossy finished, with or without window.
  • Up to 10 colors printing and thickness, size, material customized
  • Stand up gusset bag can choose K, round or plow bottom

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Made the pouch with two side gusset or one bottom gusset depends on your needs, they made with both clear, aluminum foil or Kraft paper material. Gusset pouch has been used for hundreds of years, if you are someone searching for an ideal packaging format for your commodity, then, you are probably looking for the best deal available.

  • MOQ: 20K-30K Pcs

  • Size: 80*150+30mm(Min)    300*540+120mm(Max)

  • Material: BOPP/PET+PET/PETAL/Kraft Paper/+LLDPE

  • Thickness: 70Mircons-120Mircons (2.5Mil-5Mil)

  • Function: Punch Hole, Handle, De-gas Valve

  • Printing: D-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

Gusset Bag

For about past years, gussets bags have been of great packaging advantages. Most packagers prefer gusset bags to other pouches for they are highly profitable and require minimal storage space.

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