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3 Side Seal PouchFlat Pouch | With Zipper | Customize Sizes

Benefits of 3 side seal pouch are one of the most common pouch types in packaging,

exceptionally for single-serving, pocket-sized products.

Here are the top 3 benefits of 3 side sealed pouch:

1. Strong adaptability. 3 side sealed pouch can be used in a variety of application environments, including -70°C freezing, 135°C retorts, and vacuum.

2. Strong functionality. Santepack’s 3 side seal pouch has various functional fitments to choose from, including zippers, windows, tear notchs, and holes.

3. BPA & BFAS free. Food-grade materials are used, which can directly contact the food product.

If you want to customize your own 3 side seal pouch, email us!