Shaped Pouch
Promotion & Attractive Pouch | Customized Shape

Shaped pouch is named according to its main feature which is the shape. Implying, they have irregular shape compared to the normal pouches.

Sante shaped pouches come in many different custom-made shapes and sizes that can be specifically designed to fit your brand, by use die-cutting technology to ensure they offer you shaped pouches that will meet all your product storage and marketing requirements respectively.

  • Up to 10 alternate printing colors
  • Handles, round corner, zipper, window add upon request
  • The material can be made with clear, aluminum or kraft paper
  • Both liquids and solids can be packed with a shaped pouch
  • Leakage-proof and high puncture resistance.

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Shaped Pouches China Supplier & Manufacturer.
Shaped Pouch mostly for promotion products, festival use, especially use for Christmas and Halloween use. Start from 20000pcs and can be made with stand up pouch and zipper adding.

  • MOQ: 30K-50K Pcs

  • Size: 50*70mm(Min)    360*550mm(Max)

  • Material: BOPP/PET+PET/AL/PETAL/Kraft Paper/+LLDPE

  • Thickness: 50Mircons-200Mircons (2Mil-8Mil)

  • Function: Punch Hole, Handle, Ziplock, Spout

  • Printing: D-Met Printing, Vanishing, Matte Finishing, Stamping

Shaped Pouches

Shaped Pouches: The Ultimate Guide Brands are revolving towards unique shapes for their packaging as a way of attracting more consumers, promote brand building, and in some cases achieve a certain function of the package.

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